Wonderful Asian Massage Services With Shower

Full Body Massage With Shower Treatment

Nourishing and energizing to awake the spirit
Our classic Asian full body massage treatment includes a variety of modalities like Swedish, Deep tissue, Chinese Tuina, Shiatsu, etc that are highly effective in boosting blood circulation and purging toxins. The luxurious calming body treatment can deeply relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Administered with a series of movements and strokes, this session is set to offer a combination of holistic body massage experience in our relaxed full day spa. As it includes natural spa ingredients, the head to toe massage session can easily soothe your nervous system, release muscle tension, remove anxiety, heal injury and chronic pain.
Our treatments are suitable for all skin types. We invite you to enjoy a luxurious retreat. Visit us and check out our wonderful Asian massage services with shower facilities.

Amazing Relaxation Full Body Massage

Aromatherapy massage for deeper relaxation
Our uplifting massage sessions focus on your lymphatic system to release blocked energies, eliminate toxins, alleviate stress and help to unwind. We use simple techniques like soothing strokes that are inspired by ancient spa rituals to twist and pat your body and massage the nerves and blood vessels for attaining a relaxed state. Your body is allowed to cool and calm through our natural made oil extracted from herbs. These oil penetrate through the skin and invigorate your sense organs. Our licensed massage therapists make it a point to discuss things with you before suggesting the best nurturing treatment that works best for your current health.
Call us at 702-699-9950 to schedule an appointment for enjoying an ultimate pampering experience. Our therapists at the East Flamingo, NV region are waiting to serve you!

Shiatsu Massage In East Flamingo, NV

Shiatsu otherwise called finger pressure massage, is one of the Japanese therapeutic bodywork that contributes to the overall well being of the human body. In this type of massage, our therapist uses the techniques of pressing, stretching, kneading and tapping to help you get relieved from physical pain and emotional stress. Shiatsu is also combined with therapies like acupuncture for more health benefits.
Being one of Japan’s traditional medical therapies, Shiatsu is used to treat musculoskeletal problems, mental stress and a wide range of chronic conditions, such as headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, low back pain, neck, and joint pain. At Eastern SPA, we offer the best therapeutic treatments at affordable prices. Contact us to book an appointment.

Chinese Tuina Massage In East Flamingo, NV

Chinese Tuina massage is best for everyone, however, this specific procedure is perfect for the individuals who want a satisfying and results-driven treatment. It is also ideal for individuals who have scoliosis or sciatica, endless lower and upper back pain, and athletes. Clients in East Flamingo, NV looking to get relief from discomfort, pain, movement or improved posture, and a condition of prosperity, can consider Chinese Tuina massage in our soothing environment. This treatment can also address calf muscles, tight or agonizing hamstrings, tight IT Bands, tight lower arms and more. Patients with lordosis, laminectomy, fusion or rods, kyphosis can also get health benefits from the Chinese Tuina massage. Call 702-699-9950 to check out wonderful Asian massage services with shower facility at attractive prices.
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Effective Massage Treatment

Regardless of whether you require a break from the monotonous routine or basically need to pamper yourself, our lavishing unwinding treatment offered on a private spa setting will enable you to accomplish an ideal condition of calm, balance and ultimate relaxation. From traditional treatments to modern modalities we offer all in one single package at affordable prices. Our team of dedicated massage specialists will welcome you to relax in our comfortable spa space. For more information and reservation, call us at 702-699-9950

Indulge yourself for an hour in our relaxation spa setting and enjoy a personal “me” time. Book your preferences now!

Make An Appointment Now For Shower Treatment

Dive into the heavenly world of peace and relaxation. It is the best time to take advantage of our effective massage treatments. Call 702-699-9950 and book a massage session with Eastern SPA.
Our treatments are ideal for:
  • Stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Nourishing your body Releasing blocked energy lines
  • Shedding impurities
  • Relaxing your sore muscles
  • Hydrating your body

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