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Welcome To Eastern SPA – About Us

Best Place To Refresh And Restore Your Tired Muscles

We are committed to offer our guests with long term relaxation journeys through massage treatments inspired by ancient spa rituals. We believe that our community is running behind a corporate life filled with stress and worries. They don’t have time to take proper care for themselves. There’s where we began to rise. Our Eastern SPA offer a unique stand in the healthcare industry by offering affordable and customized treatment solutions to a wide range of spa clients.

We research on different massage techniques and work hard to offer quality therapies and create incredible memories to our guests. Our soothing, safe and comfortable spa atmosphere can help you unwind with the fragrance of aroma filled all over the spa. Call 702-699-9950 to enjoy our treatments from one of the best Asian massage parlor in Las Vegas NV!

Why Pick Our Service In Las Vegas NV?

High Standard Treatments

Our carefully handpicked spa treatments have therapeutic benefits to heal your stress, depression, and mental trauma.

Attractive Deals And Offers

We provide Asian full body massages and treatment solutions at best discount prices. Make use of our high quality procedures and facilities.

Certified Therapists

At Eastern SPA, we hire some of the world class massage therapist to offer ultimate pampering experience by addressing your ill points.

Customized Treatment Plans

To provide long term results, our caring massage therapist consult with our guests to schedule a one on one personalized massage session.

Soothing Spa Settings

Our spa is filled with aromatic fragrance that can revive your senses and touch your soul. Enjoy moments of pure bliss the moment you step in.

What Makes Eastern SPA Unique?

Unmatched Quality Services At Affordable Prices

Our attention to detail and outstanding services will help you exceed your expectations at your relaxation day with us in Eastern SPA. We are personally responsible for developing a meaningful and unforgettable Asian massage experience for our guests.

Relax Your Body In A Pure Heaven Of Tranquility – Eastern Spa

Take your loved ones and help them enjoy a completely relaxed ‘me’ time. Our therapists are waiting to serve your massage requests. Call 702-699-9950 and book a treatment from one of the best Asian massage parlor in Las Vegas NV!